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Our story

Founded in August 2012, Le Pub des Halles is an English pub and restaurant located in the Vendée in Sainte-Hermine. A small town with around 3000 inhabitants and located about 40 km from the Vendée coast. The Pub des Halles is managed by a British couple: Sarah and Kevin Floyd.


In 1921, the Pub des Halles was originally a café run by members of the same family for many years. A few years later, in 2004, this café was bought and became a sports bar. In 2008, it then closed.


Four years later, they decided to buy the building to make it an English Pub. Until 2016, Sarah Floyd managed the Pub alone during the day, and later, thanks to the success of the Pub, her husband Kevin Floyd then joined her so that they could devote themselves together to the running Le Pub des Halles.


In 2015, the restaurant was extended: a lounge area opened, as well as a room with a pool table and a piano, in order to make the place friendlier, warmer and just more fun for everybody.


So, if you fancy a bite to eat, Le Pub des Halles offers big tasty dishes of English specialties (as well as french ones) at more than affordable prices, but not only! You can also order a take away if that's what suits your fancy. If you want to relax with a good beer, this is also the ideal place to meet up.





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